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Couple Therapy Session

Academic Support Services

The tutors at North Shore Center, LLC believe all students can learn if taught using methods that meet their learning strengths and weaknesses; suit their academic needs and their learning style.

Working with parents and school, each member of our education team discerns each individual's unique needs then recommends and designs instruction specifically based on student needs.  North Shore Center tutoring services address needs of Elementary, Middle and Secondary Students in Grades K-12 and include:

Academic Subject Support And Tutoring

  • Social Studies
  • Math
  • Science
  • Writing and Composition
  • Homework Assistance
  • Reading Comprehension Weaknesses

Reading Disabilites & Dyslexia Remediation

  • Working memory weakness
  • Processing speed weaknesses
  • Phonemic awareness weakness
  • Decoding weakness
  • Fluency weakness
  • Vocabulary weakness
  • Comprehension weakness

Executive Functioning Skill Building and Strategies

  • ADHD
  • Organization Skills
  • Study Skills
  • Test taking strategies
  • Skills Support

Advocacy Services to help parents understand, interpret and navigate school-based data and provide IEP support for those with learning disabilities.

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