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Helping Our Kids Become Smart DecisionMakers
Perhaps today more than ever, kids of all ages need to be smart decision makers. On March 17, at 7 pm, Dr. Michael Mazius will be at the Next Chapter Bookshop in the Mequon Pavilion, talking about what exactly parents can do to help bring this about.
Dr. Mazius will teach parents how to use Socratic inquiry (question asking) to engage their kids, keep them interested, and learn about how they think when talking about important topics like, choosing friends, mean spiritedness, doing homework and highly sensitive topics like drug use and intimacy.  Try as we may, we often find it difficult to get far with our kids when we attempt these conversations.  We can have more success.  The discussion on March 17th will focus on how to do this.
This presentation will be targeted to parents of kids of all ages. Socratic Inquiry may be easier to use with children ages eight and up but it can be adapted to younger children, even four and five year olds for whom abstract thinking is just beginning to develop.
I hope you'll come with plenty of questions.  Presentations are most useful and helpful when important information is shared in the abstract but also applied to commonly encountered situations shared by audience members like you.
Michael Mazius, Ph.D.

Finding Calm: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Normal Adolescent Development and Surviving the Teen Years
Finding calm is an essential skill for parents attempting to maintain effective relationships with their teens. Once you lose it, your teen is off the hot seat and your behavior is the problem. Perspective can be helpful in finding and maintaining calm. Teens are experiencing a myriad of developmental changes simultaneously, and if you have empathy for the fact that their physical development is ahead of their cognitive and emotional development, then you are more likely to understand and respond effectively to some of their confusing and erratic behavior.
I hope you will join me to learn or review (because we often need reminders as we continue on this parenting journey) the basic developmental tasks of adolescence in terms of physical, cognitive, emotional, social and identity development. With that foundation in mind, we will discuss effective monitoring, communication, and limit-setting strategies with teens. Many parents have questions regarding how to manage their teens’ access to the Internet, how to negotiate ever-increasing privileges and freedoms, and how to respond judiciously to breeches of trust.
Gwynne Kohl, PhD
Licensed Psychologist
NorthShoreCenter, LLC
Adjunct Assistant Professor
UWM Department of Psychology

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