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Couple Therapy Session

Neuropsychological Assessment


Neuropsychological assessment is one of the many services offered at North Shore Center, LLC.  We find that most families considering a neuropsychological evaluation have questions about the process and this is a great place to start.  Below are links to introductory letters for parents considering an evaluation for one of their children or adults considering an evaluation for themselves.


Child Introduction Letter

Adult Introduction Letter 


Below, you will also find links to a few videos from Understood.org, a nonprofit organization that provides resources for parents of children with learning and/or attention issues. Please remember that while videos like these can offer useful information, every child's situation is unique and even children with the same diagnosis can present very differently.


Should I get my child evaluated?

Testing for Learning Disabilities: Public vs. Private

What is Dyslexia?

What is ADHD?

What is Executive Function?

Living with a Nonverbal Learning Disorder


Our neuropsychologists, Donna Laughrin, Ph.D. (x206) and Robert Newby, Ph.D., ABPP-CN (x201) are also available to answer any questions that you may have prior to scheduling an appointment.  Dr. Laughrin sees both children and adults, while Dr. Newby sees children ages 6-18.  More specific information about their individual specialties can be found on our About Our Providers page.